Account protection

MK Macro Defense joins many other C2 systems in precipitating a sudden collapse in performance along with investor funds after proclaiming ’ This strategy aims at using mainly futures to counter medium term broad macro market risks. It has a goal to first fully protect downside risks, and then seek capital appreciation overtime’ in their description - isn’t about time C2 offered a client fund protection feature (with max permitted total $ loss) - and insisting each client complete a risk profile questionnaire limiting risk capital based on the answer? Many would have joined this fund assuming their risk to the downside was pretty small only to find a third of their balance wiped out in a week or two. This fund while proclaiming to protect downside risk was investing in Platinium, a highly volatile future, again some sort of ‘High Risk’ warning should accompany these systems.

Only follow strategies with cash accounts/with IRA protections and don’t shoot for the moon - or the sun Icarus.

Also C2 should have lots of warnings about such things but really the already do. People just don’t follow them? I mean they say what the average leverage is.

Here’s a tip for you: Take a look in the “Drawdown” column. If it is not “discipline” and/or a BIG number that you do not accept. Ask yourself if it’s okay or not!?

Very unfair to advertise one thing and do the opposite ! There needs to be rules.

Sorry new here…How do I find the drawdown column, I can get to your example but it`s missing the drawdown section. Thank you

WaveRunner ( was another example of this type of system that imploded in a similar way.

I’m sure there are good Futures systems out there, but the lesson I took away from this was that thinly traded securities are best avoided on C2.

just another disciple of Dr Martin Gale. when the trade is against him, half of the time he buys more. without leverage it might be ok to do. but this is much leverage, he buy up to 7 more contracts. I don’t mind someone buy/short a future and is wrong. I rather he wait it out for the bounce back than keep adding more and more risk with leverage to a losing trade. I rather he sit 2 month on the trade on 1 contract than add 600% leverage to that trade. This happen often when someone is trading FAKE money.

6/28/19 0:42 QMGCQ9 E-Micro Gold LONG 7 1400.0 7/2 11:32 1401.7 2.32%


124262644 6/28/19 0:42 BTO 1 QMGCQ9 1422.6

124281185 6/30/19 18:45 BTO 1 QMGCQ9 1396.7

124281210 6/30/19 18:50 BTO 1 QMGCQ9 1397.5

124281271 6/30/19 18:57 BTO 2 QMGCQ9 1400.1

124298404 7/1/19 22:51 BTO 2 QMGCQ9 1391.6

124310086 7/2/19 11:32 STC 7 QMGCQ9 1401.7

Maybe you need to “zoom out” the screen.

Hope that help.

Just to emphasie I am not invested in any C2 system, but simple account proctection rules would add another layer of security to client’s accounts above the stop loss feature in the autotrade. Human nature/greed will always unwittingly target those acounts with perfect 3 month track records, with no idea of possible crash likelihood - more needs to be done to protect the underlying client investment, with a simple equity protect feature ( as seen on other platforms). Many C2 systems are basic marti/grids, which if the client isn’t familiar with the way C2 records closed trades, clients can be easily hoodwinked into thinking they are investing in a decent system, and therefore equity protection becomes even more important.

Sorry… tried but to no avail Not very bright on computers

Those are micro contracts, 7 of them is almost nothing, it’s 0.7 of a full contract, hardly worth mentioning really.