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"HANDLE WITH CARE" (you play with fire you might get burned!)

Gilbert aka Paysense

Future Mega-Money Men/Women,

I know most C2 subs would prefer system(s) to manage or auto-trade their accounts…but for those ‘cerebrally’ inclined ; ) that may trade on their own, I’ll reiterate…here are some ideas:

Also gives a glimpse into some of my current holdings. Well Wishes. Gilbert

…SO, the market’s on a tear - or is it?

We’ve got the “Green Light” and whether stocks gain 6-8% in the next 4.6 weeks OR NOT…we’ll take our usual scoop off the top = Covered Call Candidates.

These weekly selections move our Funds up handsomely and we are looking for a compounded (additional) 2-4 month ramp that should put us 25% ahead of the Nasdaq within a 52-week timeframe year-in and year-out!

Gilbert aka Paysense

oh yeah,


A few of these might be of interest:

Good luck traders!


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So Santa (Bernanke) came early this year and depending on how much you believe in Santa, 2007 may close out clinging to YTD gains. Toughest year yet, for my Funds as by now the bottom (in good and bad markets) would’ve dropped out - propelling me forward.

May have to wait until early '08. Perhaps the much-storied turmoil in the market will eventually translate into equities. My outperformance vs the indexes most always shows up within a year. This may stretch out to a year-and-a-half!! Ps


Frankly, Gilbert, you piss me off. And, I suspect, I am not alone. Though I think of myself as a fairly refrained type, I find it fucking annoying to see you continually jacking off in a forum that is totally about C2, and absolutely nothing about you. Please feel free to spew your stuff in your own forum, but please leave us non-followers alone.

? not sure what your problem is - and I don’t want to know. Vulgarity in any forum is unwanted. How is it that you can so freely express yourself and not think about those that are offended by this?

Back to trading and the markets here are a few more things that are in my focus:

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks will extend their losses next week…promise.

The financial sector suffered its worst week in year.

Uncertainty about the extent of losses in the collateralized debt obligations business locking up many of the global credit and derivatives markets.

The worsening state of quarterly results from Corporate America may pull stocks lower as well, with a 1.6% decline in earnings, down from a 1% decline last week.

Citigroup, with a board of the country’s largest bank expected to hold an emergency meeting this weekend.

Merrill Lynch dived 8% to a two-year low on reports that the Securities and Exchange Commission may probe if it used hedge funds to reduce write-downs.

Recent data have thrown cold water on the notion that the economy is headed for a recession.

Average hourly wages rose a modest 0.2% vs. September and 3.8% vs. a year earlier. The Fed signaled Oct. 31 that renewed inflation risks made future rate cuts unlikely. So the tame pay gives policymakers room to act.

But soaring oil prices box them in, fueling inflation and curbing growth.

Prince is the second high profile Wall Street departure in the last week. Stanley O’Neal resigned as chairman and CEO of Merrill Lynch, the nation’s largest brokerage firm, last Tuesday.

Citigroup also said it expects a reduction of between $8 billion and $11 billion in the fair value of its exposure to the subprime mortgage market.

Citigroup shares have lost nearly one third of their value since the end of May, almost twice the drop seen in the KBW Bank Stock index over that time. The Dow Jones industrial average, of which Citigroup is a component, is down less than 1 percent during the same period.

Various excerpts from web postings - intertwined paint a stark picture.




To be fair, although the language was a bit coarse he has a point.

This part of the forum is entitled "Collective2 Suggestions, Feedback, Questions" and I doubt your posts here qualify as any of those.

Ok. But I am not the only one to post off-topic - hardly warranting such a response.

The both of you are right in that these candidates can be offered FREE in my forum. Isn’t that all the OP needed to express???



It has been made clear multiple times by the site owner that promoting your system, website, and other things are not to be posted in general or other people’s forums.

What you are doing is definitely violations of the rules. it doesn’t matter “what other people are doing.” Justifying yourself by the behavior of others does not change that your comments here are inappropriate.