Any users with BlackBerry 9700?

Hi, C2 Members -

I’m trying to do some testing of the site using BlackBerry browsers. As you know, C2 has built a sophisticated 10,000 square-foot R&D facility in the middle of the Nevada desert in which we house rows and rows of every computer and browser ever created by every manufacturer in the world. This facility allows us to test our site under thousands of real-world conditions.

Alas, today I accidentally locked the keys to this facility in my car.

So I could use a little help. If you have a BlackBerry, can you let me know whether you can successfully login to the site? The reason I ask is that one user with a Blackberry Bold 9700 has reported that - while he can access the site in general - logging in does not seem to work on the 9700. I want to try to figure out if the problem is a configuration issue on the user’s machine, or a more general problem.

Feel free to post here or email me any info you have.



MK, I don’t have a Blackberry (still waiting for iPhone App) but I have noticed very strange login issues for the past few days on my home computer using Mozilla browser. I sometimes go through the entire login routine and I end up on my system page but when I click dashboard it logs me off.


I’ve tried accessing the site using a Blackberry Storm 1st generation. I didn’t try to log in, since all the drop down menus weren’t functioning in the Blackberry Browser.