Anyone signing up for the SARF training course?

Since Hal’s not doing the SARF anymore on C2 he’s offering an online training course at

Is anyone signing up for this course? I signed up for it but it needs more people signing up before Hal will even consider offering the course. So let’s have more the merrier and we can all make a nice living :wink:


Can’t you make money trading any of the systems on this site?

I am also in the same boat as you - hoping that more people will

sign up for the course.

I do not understand what you mean by ‘not doing the SARF anymore on C2’. I still see the STOP AND REVERSE FOREX system advertised on C2 as active, but with a rise in the subscription rate on 16 September. – Alan

Yes, but the SARF is the scalp version, which won’t work well with my FXCM broker. Hal had to scale down the SARF because C2 just isn’t handling the signals well.