API Documentation?

Hi, this is Dion from over at Quantacula. One of our users has requested an interface between our Quantacula Studio model development software and C2. He wants to be able to run his models daily on QStudio and automatically submit the signals to C2. We have a module in QStudio called the Signal Hub with a modular architecture and would like to build an adapter using the C2 API to submit signals from the Signal Hub to C2. Such an interface would doubtless be valuable to many other trading system authors. Is the API free for anyone to use? Where’s the best place to learn about it?

Hi Dion,

Send an email to help@collective2.com and we’ll give you more information about it.

Just a heads up, we just released the Collective2 Adapter Extension for Quantacula Studio. QS users can now associate their models with a C2 system and submit signals via the QS Signal Hub.