Astrology - have u been trading it or your a*s?


Star performer relies on the stars

Commentary: Crawford uses astrology to compile year’s best record to date

By Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch

Last update: 11:22 p.m. EST Nov. 9, 2008

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) – The top-performing letter for this terrible year to date is an astrologer. It figures.

Or maybe it doesn’t figure. I remember having a huge hassle with Barron’s great editor, Alan Abelson, way back in the early 1980s, about whether I should report a conference at which the 2008 top performer, Arch Crawford of Crawford Perspectives, was to speak.

Alan’s view: It was hogwash. My view: Who cared? It was interesting. (By the way: As a good liberal, Alan conceded.)

Now, of course, I would point to the Hulbert Financial Digest ratings. Never mind the system, feel the results.

But Arch Crawford provided a different rationale. Astrology conferences, he said, were great places to meet girls.

Which, I guess, was valuable investment advice.

You got a problem with that?

Over the year to date through October, Crawford Perspectives is up a breathtaking 36% by Hulbert Financial Digest count, vs. negative 32.94% for the dividend-reinvested Dow Jones Wilshire 5000.

Over the past 12 months, Crawford is up 6% vs. negative 36.3% for the total return DJ-Wilshire 5000.

This is not a flash in the pan … well, not completely. Over the past five years, the Crawford letter has achieved an annualized gain of 3.1%, vs. 0.8% annualized for the total return DJ-W.

But over the entire period that the HFD has monitored Crawford, the letter has achieved only a 4.7% annualized gain, vs. 8.8% annualized for the total return DJ-W 5000.

This is because, every once in a while, Crawford’s hot hand turns into a cold claw.

For example, Crawford was one the 10 worst-performing letters of 2006. See Dec. 29, 2006 column

Nevertheless, Crawford has been basically short for the last several months at a very propitious time.

Right now he says: "The full moon of Nov. 13 is in tight harmonic aspect with the position of planet Neptune, forming the angle of a “T” within one quarter of one degree! Expect a trading rally in inflation-hedge commodities (gold, oil, CRB, etc.) to begin a few days prior and maximize on or very near that full-moon day. If you have familiarity with trading these vehicles, BUY any positive technical break-out from today forward. Then SELL and SHORT on Nov. 13, most likely in the earlier half of the day. Possibility exists for a double top on Monday, Nov. 17. After that one might add a trailing top-loss or simply hold into the first week in December."

My reaction to this: hmmm.

Crawford continues: "In addition, Mercury enters Scorpio on election day. We have noticed that maximum numbers of planets in Water signs (of the Fire, Earth, Air, Water categories) often coincides with panic lows in stocks. That would point up the period Nov. 5-16 as a potential panic bottom."

Crawford thinks this pause will be significant: "We have quoted this warning over the last few months: We have been bullish on assets in the ground and particularly gold, metals, oil since April 4, 2001. We are now becoming a bit more skeptical about much more immediate continuation in the inflation hedges, looking instead for a few more weeks, and possibly months in correctional phases.

"The long term, multi-year bull market in real things is probably not over, but this correction is liable to be longer and deeper than previously experienced. We judged that the exponential blow-off moves were carried too far recently, and will require a more protracted retracement period in both time and price."{86972C29-CF1F-4527-87B8-FCF4D3FC86BC}


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