Auto Constraint

Can you tell me what C2 calls strategy capital?? is it the same as strategy equity??

As I could not use a constraint higher than 100% I guess C2 constraints applies only to margin used and not to the real value of the full position. Is it true or I am wrong

Hope you can clarify this.
I just would like to offer a better and safer product to my subscribers. It would be nice if there would be clearer info on auto-constraint page

Thanks in advance


This feature was a “beta” experiment and will undergo some major changes in the future.

I think a lot of what we learned here was incorporated into the C2Star program. If this kind of trading “constraint” interests you, I recommend you investigate the C2Star program:

I can not apply. My max drowdown is and will be aprox 10% and as account grow will be more than 5k. Also I will trade both futures and forex when I get more capital.

Maybe you can give a silver or golden stars with more less or more requisites.

Also you should consider given the star to strategies than outperform SPX for one year or more. Short term is full of gamblers and lucky people.