Autotrade setup broken

I tried to set up autotrade on one of my systems yesterday and today, and every time I get to the legal agreement, I get stuck. I can type in my name for the electronic signature, but every time I click on the green arrow to "submit electronic signature," it simply erases the electronic signature I typed in without completing the step. Typing in my name and then hitting enter aborts the entire setup process and brings me back to the autotrade control panel. I experience this issue in Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

I think the problem is your first name is a single space and your last name is the rest of you name. Try preceding your signature with a single space.

Let me know if that does the trick.

I’ll try to make the software a bit more forgiving about leading/trailing spaces in the next 24 hours.


Without the space, I get a message in red at the top of the screen to the effect that I must type in my name exactly as shown. If I then highlight the text between the quotes (i.e. including the space before my name) and paste it into the signature box, I get the erasing error when I click on the green arrow. I encountered the extra space issue when setting up my forex autotrading a few months ago, but I was at least able to complete the setup. I don’t know what’s changed between now and then. In the worst case, would it suffice for me to copy and paste the legal agreement in an email, acknowledge there that I agree to the conditions, and have you enable autotrade for me?

Matthew was able to help me complete the setup, so this issue is closed. Thanks again, Matthew.