Box position Suggestion


Could you add a function of box position. For example, if I bot MSFT at 25, now it came down to 24. I want to short MSFT but I don’t want to close the long position. ie,

BTO 5000 MSFT 25

STO 5000 MSFT 24

Now I have both MSFT long and short position. If I like, I can choose to neutralize the position, then it becomes:

BTO 5000 MSFT 25

STO 5000 MSFT 24

If I don’t want to neutralize, then some time later, it becomes

BTO 5000 MSFT 25 4/1/2005

STO 5000 MSFT 24 4/2/2005

BTC 5000 MSFT 21 4/30/2005

STC 5000 MSFT 12/31/2005

Thanks for consideration. I know this is realistic. For example, both Etrade and Ameritrade supports this kind of box positions.

Let me reply this up for Matthew’s attention. :slight_smile: