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C2 best strategies (in my opinion)

Strategies are sorted by 90 days P/L. Tasty Plays is back in the grid (annual P/L > 20%). Besides that, no changes. If you did implement portfolio with dollar equal weight allocation, you have made money in June (look ‘Last 30 Days’ P/L column).

I did notice that COM etc ( got C2 Star after 60 days of existence.

What id C2 Star? Is the strategy recommendation to a customer or just reward to the developer being in the program?

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Looks like it @MarekJ…another flatlining strategy that doesn’t make any money for subs. Since its first sub on June 6th there hasn’t been any real noticeable profits. Trade leaders start trading to keep their income rather than trying to make profits for their subs is my guess.

Well, I think Optimal Futures should be mentioned here as well

Same trader, similar strategy, lower account value -

Optimal Futures wasn’t in the list because it hasn’t been running long enough to meet MarekJ’s screen criteria.

Further, Optimal Futures has both of the characteristics that have predicted collapse or major problems for strategies in the past: a very high win rate (98.7%) and a very low ratio of average $$ win to average $$ loss.

On the other hand, Optimal Futures has continued to make money even after acquiring subscribers, which is a good sign.

Good luck trading!

Do you know how this would work with like 5% scaling? So if I wanted to put only 10k Towards this rather than the 1X 200,000? Like what would happen if he only takes 1 position which seems he does on occasion and im on 5% scaling. I just wouldn’t get the trade right?

Right, if you’re talking about a futures strategy, and you try to set your AutoTrade Scaling to 5%, then 5% of one contract is 0.05 contracts, which doesn’t exist… and so you wouldn’t take the trade.

Generally, you’ll want to trade futures strategies at a round 100%-scaling increment (e.g. 100%, 200%, 300%, etc).

However, for strategies that do not “leg into” or “leg out of” trades (that is, those that just enter a position, and then close it, without increasing or decreasing the position quantity while it is open) then you can trade only 1 contract by setting 100% scaling with a “max quantity” of 1 contract.

Hope this helps.


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Strategies are sorted by 90 days P/L. No strategy left the grid, and four new arrives (Risk Parity Opportunity, Myfxmap, PegasiCap, Seasonal Simplicity). It looks like the quality of strategies is improving, more developers are here for the long term. :slight_smile:

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Thanks again for updating your screens.

I would add drawdown as part of your analysis. If you can achieve better than market averages and you want to reduce the stress of holding the position I would include drawdowns of under 10%. Of course SPODD500 is on track to exceed most of the benchmarks. Carry on.

In my screen I like annual return of greater than 50%. Profit factor of 2 or more. Drawdown of less than 9. Strategy age of more than 30 days. Of course SPODD500 makes the cut. Return of 69,3%, Profit Factor 6.4, Age 55 days, NO MARGIN USED, trade in a cash account (no $25K day trading minimum necessary). Trade signals at least 1 hour in advance of a trade. Low fees, and auto trading is not necessary.

Sound boring? Yep, if you think 69.3% is boring with out a draw down induced heart attack. Nice and easy. Oh, and I have family that trades this thing with only $300 in their brokerage account. Trade the signals with a no fee mutual fund - no commission no fees. Just enter the trade sometime during the day for end of day close. Easy peasy. Just to make it fun subtract any strategy that doesn’t have at least 60% winning trades then you only get 15 strategies in the screen. SPODD500 still there? Yep 83.3% of every trade is a winner so far.

With respect, you are a dreamer over 5-10 years time frame. Unrealistic and inexperienced dreamer.


Spudbuster, Wow a whole 12 trade history and you are touting your system. PLllleaassee.

At the end of 1 year it will only be a little over 100 trades. It isn’t the number of trades that count, it is the quality. Sure, over time SPODD500 won’t be at 83% - experience shows it is usually around 65% accurate with a goal of 70% and usually beats the S&P by about 10 points consistently (3 years history).

The new traders all want to see their accounts churned thousands of times a year… Reminds me of an old joke. There was this old bull and young bull sitting on a hill. The young bull says to the old bull, lets run down and mate one of those cows. The old bull says no. Lets walk down and mate them all. Good luck with those highly traded systems. I’ll stick to quality and slow and steady growth.

All the best.


Do you trade this system with your own money?

Yes I do. Also trade it for my wife, my son and my older brother with LPOA. The system gives buy / sell signals for the S&P so I guess you can call it a market timing system. For my account I trade the triples SPXL and SPXS but for smaller accounts we trade no load mutual funds; at Schwab for example I trade RYTNX and RYTPX (which are doubles) for my family’s smaller accounts. Those funds qualify as One Source - Select List which means they let you trade it with no commission and no fees. Works nice because you buy at NAV and sell at NAV which happens to be calculated at or after each market close.

The system was specifically designed for my brother who asked me if I could trade his little IRA. Obviously you can’t trade a system with a $5 commission in and out on an account with only $300.00 in it. It is a niche system which works very well with small accounts. We don’t run into trouble as a pattern day trader which requires $25K because each trade is held for about 24 hours (often times more than a day). When we expect to do a reversal we put 1/2 the account into the bull or bear, take the sale and buy the reversal the same day - by doing this it is an all cash trade with no margin.

Drawdowns remain manageable because you don’t use margin. They can exceed 5% - 8% with the triple leveraged funds, but still seem pretty tame in comparison to some of the other trading styles I have experienced.

I will be posting my 3 year track record - forward tested as soon as I standardize the spreadsheets. I used different accounting systems for each year until I came up with the best way to display the trades. I have looked at back tests going back 28 years or more - but have not run the math with the different leveraged vehicles. SPY looks great though. We are only in the market about 40% of the time and the SPY (single only) beats the SPY held long term. The S&P is up 17.02% as of 8/21 but this system which actually tracks the SPY and gives bull/bear signals only 40% of trading days is up 17.33%. But, when you consider that we actually only trade the double or triple - well you can do the math on that (51.99% on the triple so far for 2019).

Strategies are sorted by 90 days P/L. Seasonal Simplicity and jkStocks left the grid due to C2 not showing these strategies in the grid at all (difficult to believe that after 20 years this kind of problem still exists). Everything is fine with these strategies. New strategy in the grid: Swing Index Options I. And it is TOS with best performance in past 90 days. If you look in column ‘Last 90 Days’, strategies are doing well regardless of increased market volatility.

I’m ending my involvement in running this topic. Basically, I do have better things to do instead spending time on C2 forum. I will appreciate if someone will take over me this topic.

I did relax some inputs, some I make more restrictive. Below is the outcome. With dollar equal weight allocation, you could make money in past 30 days.

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Very interesting, thanks for the research, MarekJ.

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