C2DS quote element

What does it mean when the bid and ask elements have a "c" at the end of their text (e.g. "2019.50c")? Are there any other variations?

What does it mean when the tick element has a "t" at the end of its text (e.g. "16:14:59t")? I have also seen an "o" at the end instead. Are there any other variations?

Specifically, these were from a getopenpositions command on a futures instrument.


Mike - This is just a legacy of quote feed data. Please ignore these characters. They may be removed at any time and should not be relied upon to have any particular meaning.


Thanks for the info. I was hoping those characters might be some indication of how many days old the quote was since there is no date portion.

Can you tell me what the “hours of operation” of the quote system are?

How would you suggest determining whether a quote’s time is from today or not (i.e., On Sunday at 16:46, how do we know that a tick value of 16:45 is 1 minute old or 2 days old)?

I know that, during regular market hours, the tick times are close to the current time but are these prices intentionally delayed at all?



Yes, quotes are intentionally delayed. We cannot publish real-time quotes. You must find your own quote source, for legal and licensing reasons.


How long is the delay?

What about my questions about "hours of operation" and How would you suggest determining…?