Change of TP and SL in forex


I don’t know how to change the TP and SL so that I don’t have to modify my market order like below:

1. Open EURUSD at market with "GET /cgi-perl/signal.mpl?cmd=signal&systemid=4958&pw=xxxx&instrument=forex&action=BTO&quant=4&symbol=EURUSD&duration=GTC&stoploss=50&profittarget=50&forcenooca=1 "

I receive the ID for the order another one for the profittarget and a third one for the stop loss.

2. I issue a cancel command with the ID of the profittarget so that the previous profit target is canceled here.

3. I want to set another profit target now for the EURUSD position…how can I do that???

the same for SL…


I think I found the answer for my question here:

@Matthew: Please update your documenation since it does not cover all features. Thanks!

Thanks. I added this to the Signal Entry API documentation. - MK