Chart colors

I would like to request that the 2 chart colors be something other than red and green. The reason is that 5% of men, which include me, cannot distinguish between red and green. So we can’t tell the difference between the 2 lines.

Any other color pair would work, such as red and black, or green and blue, for instance.

maybe make the colors selectable. There are other color blindnesses as well.


Make one line solid and the other dashed. Prob solved.

We actually did weigh this as a viable option. However, the equity line lost a bit of detail when using a dashed and even dotted line.

Therefore, if you now look on the new site, you will see that S+P is now very dark gray, and the main system is green (taking into account the other feedback we’ve received over the past couple days). Also, yellow is no longer a color that comes up quickly when adding additional systems to the chart.

Hope this helps.