Commodities Spreader

I walked into Commodities Spreader due to its initially excellent looking equity curve. The curve looked great with up slope and NO dip. At the time it was 26k equity, it moved up to 29k briefly and then it have been falling down like a rock with almost every trade is a loosing trade. In looking for good young systems to trade based on initial stat, I often found that it is more easily to get into a loosing system than a winning systems. Winning systems are hard to find. I just shut off my auto trade to exit the system and took my loss since the equity hit my stop loss at 20k. From 29k down to under 20k in a few weeks is not a small change. Sometime it’s good to take a loss and exit rather than watching the system languish in agony. It’s not good for my mental health. I hope the system will reverse to help out remaining subscribers. Good luck to all in your trading.