Contra-Trading at Collective2

OK, now you got thinking. I looked back through all the Forum subjects (and there were many) since when I first came to C2, in May 2007.

Didn’t Matthew announce a contra- feature that allows subscribers to profit from a failing system? Was this removed or is it still available?

I can’t for the life of me find out the information. Perhaps Matthew got the same programming idea and is now managing he most successful hedge fund in the world?

Say it isn’t so!


Can MK or anyone give me the heads-up on my question above?




I removed contra trading from the new AutoTrade Wizard, but it’s still available at the old page. (Click Return to Old Page at the top of the new AutoTrade Setup Wizard).


I don’t see anything about contra trading when I go to this page:

You had provided a description of how Collective2 set this up. If possible, please provide the link to your descriptive post.

I apologize if I am missing something.


MK: try and reply to this. Thx


The “Contra Trading” check box appears in Box #4 (i.e. after you select your system, instruments, and brokerage account). It appears only when you select a Gen3 broker.

Basically, you just check the box, and then, anytime a system goes long, you will go short, and vice versa.

Let me know if you can’t find the box.

Ahh. Thanks, got it.gA