Crono Virius is it the one?

After watching market events since the start of this year, it is now clear sentiment is falling. Why?

Well I do not know the exact answer but I will try and explain. The Q4 2019 earnings were good but now the internet is damaging businesses and its clear things have been abused especially in the retail sector but now its evident that this is coming back to bit the bum. Q1 2020 is where we will see this damage IMHO.

Let me explain. Currently we see panic, yes its panic in major cities in China. CNN recently sent reports to major super shopping malls and most public sites in major cities and quickly they were told to leave not just by the Chinese authorities by the US. It was feared that people will see the truth. Now I do not watch the TV much but I then did my own research and its pain to see what is really going on. First the major Chinese airline went bust but then people have decided to lock themselves in and only going out for necessary things like work mean the data will be much worse than initially thought. So that’s next months data and its going to get worse because the big fear is this thing after spreading may mutate and that will destroy the global economy at a time its already struggling. Now saying that the data may be manipulated to stop any panic that’s what I think may happen but the rally at the moment looks in trouble but we need confirmation. Goldmans are pointing to the fact something like this is just to hard to predict but put on the spot they will tell you its best to be safe. I have not heard that for 10 years and nor have I seen a prefect storm like this. If the DOW struggles to keep 29140 let alone 29000 then we should start to see a break down and so soon to January will not bode. Over to you AI