Data api use


If I want to download a lot of data using the Data Services API (e.g. equity series for a few hundred systems), can I do this all at once at any time? Are there any concerns re: slowing down the server?



Since the Data Services API is new, I don’t have a lot of experience benchmarking massive downloads during market hours. But go ahead and give it a try. Let’s communicate privately during the first few times you do it – you can just send me an email when you start and when you finish large downloads – and, then, later, I can go back and check the server logs to see if performance was degraded more than I feel comfortable with. I think it will be okay, since the database queries are really what’s precious nowadays, not bandwidth, and since the queries involved, even in massive downloads, are relatively trivial. (Famous last words.) There’s no throttle or cap on C2DSAPI usage, currently.