I noticed there is a discrepancy in the P/L graph, monthly pct P/L, and the individual trades. On ShadowBanker, it shows a large drawdown from Mar24 to Apr8, but the closed trades don’t reflect that and the pct loss per month doesn’t reflect that, either. What is going on?


The equity chart you see includes both open and closed positions. So if you look solely at the closed positions, you won’t necessarily see the drawdown in the closed trade record, particularly in cases where the system refuses to close losing positions.

Regarding your other question – that the monthly results don’t show the drawdown – well, that is a result of the fact that the drawdown occurred across two calendar months, so the calendar-month-accounting won’t necessary show the entire drawdown in any given month, and also, of course, each month’s results depend on where the system started at the beginning of the calendar month.

The calendar-month monthly gain/loss percentages are interesting, and useful, but they often don’t show the real story, due to the arbitrariness of when our calendars happen to change month names. Much better is to study the equity chart, which shows performance on a marked-to-market basis (i.e. includes open and closed trades) and doesn’t depend on what the name of the month happens to be.