Does a change in fee impact past performance?

Lets say the fee is 99 per month…it is subtracted from the total each month…in the total cumulative.
After a year or so…When a vendor increases or decreases it…How does the software treat it for the past?

I believe that when a strategy price is changed, that change adjusts the results from the inception of the trading strategy.


Yes, the change in fee will retroactively be accounted for towards your past performance and reflected accordingly in your stats and charts.

That means that one can improve past performance any time…and decrease draw down.

Who said time machines don’t exist?

Yes, you can indeed “improve” your past performance…but at the sacrifice of a lower sub fee though.

You can certainly turn a negative month (let say -0.1 to -1.0 depending on the sub fee and account size ) to a positive month just by lowering your sub fee (for potential new subcribers and existing ones going forward for the following month).

I confirm that this is indeed what happens. I found out by lowering the fee for my system. But the effect depends on the size of the account, so the reported performance is in some sense misleading anyways. C2 should offer to its users a way of re-calculating performance on the spot for various account sizes (i.e. starting amounts).