Does C2 identify Martingale strategies

Are some of the Forex systems using Martingale strategies? Those types of systems can wipe a trader out quickly.

I know we can look at the charts and trades and get an idea, but does C2 try to identify systems using Martingale strategies?

You could always ask the vendor, too.

If he says yes, that tells you what you need to know.

If he says no, but you think he is, that tells you something about vendor credibility.

If he tells he doesn’t know what that means, that tells you something about vendor trading knowledge.

If he doesn’t answer, that tells you something about the vendor’s customer service.

So, no matter what, just asking will give you good information (even if it doesn’t answer your specific question).

Ya, looking at steady equity curves + length of current open positions can give a lot of clues