Dorman - CTS

Matt, I noticed that a new gen3 broker has been added: Dorman - CTS.

Could you please provide some information on this new addition?

1) Is this

2) Does the gen3 server connection use Doman’s zenfire data infrastructure?

3) What are they advantages of using Domran vs OEC in your view?

  1. Yes

    2) We use CTS to connect to Dorman, not zenfire.

    3) From a technology standpoint they are similar. Other factors are more personal such as whether you like the people, etc.

Will the GEN3 connection apply to Dorman self or any IB who use Dorman as a clearing form?

We can setup any Dorman IB in just a few hours.

So can we use gen3 on Mirus Futures, who are a dorman IB, on the zenfire infrastructure?

We do not support zenfire. We use CTS.

Rephrase: can you connect to Mirus Futures (Dorman IB) using CTS?

Regards, MB

As I stated above: "2) We use CTS to connect to Dorman, not zenfire. "

We have had no contact with Mirus but if they are a Dorman IB we can support them if they want to offer autotrading.

Just to clarify a bit: Just ask your Mirus rep to contact us, and we can get you set up on C2 AutoTrading at Mirus.

Matt, could you provide some technical info on the T4 API with CTS?

1. Is the C2 server setup in the same LAN as the CTS core server?

2. Are they both located in the same building as GLOBEX data-center?

3. Technically is there any reason why dorman-cts would have lower latency than openecry?



  1. No.

    2. No.

    3. No.

Thanks for your reply.

I understand Rithmic API (zenfire) is currently not supported. Is there a plan to introduce it this year?

Any feedback yet from Lightspeed?



We don’t decide in a vacuum whether to support a particular APIs. What matters to us is to support as many brokers as possible. Thus, if a particular broker approaches us, and wants to become C2 compatible, and only has one API available which we do not yet support, then that’s probably a compelling reason to devote the technical resources needed to support a new API. But we don’t add support for APIs until there is a business reason to do so.

To answer you question then, we do not yet have imminent plans to support Zenfire, but that may change if one or several brokers require that we do so.