DRAWDOWNs are not getting fixed

DRAWDOWNs are not getting fixed

i am pressing the fix again and again all the day today.

Please Fix It

You only need to press the button once. It’s sort of like ringing a doorbell. Once is sufficient to get the occupant’s attention. Any more than that and he may call the police.

In any case, I apologize for the delay. I will make sure your issue gets fixed in the next several hours.



i will keep ringing and you will keep ignoring


I try to be as responsive as one human being possibly can. Your constant posting here, your submitting dozens and dozens of customer service requests (all about the same issue), your needling, etc. doesn’t really speed up the process. I’ll try to service your complaints as quickly and politely as I can.

I have done quite a few already and will work my way through your list. Please hang in there.

Thanks. MK

for a full day you put my system on your front page as a big losser and do not replay to requests to check it.

the posting is WRONG - VERY WRONG

it makes my system bad reputation. people trust your reportings.

OK. I am looking into why the system said your system lost money over the past 24 hrs. There was a substantial decrease from one equity snapshot to another. I am investigating and will force a recalc shortly.