Extreme Systems


I am wondering about 2 systems: Heavy Hitter and Corporate Investments.

They both show dramatic changes in the equity curve - typically within a day (~500%).

I am wondering whether this is a problem of equity computation of C2 or whether these were really "lucky" hits.

The description of Heavy Hitter is blocked "we investigate…"

while the description of Corporate investments already for quite some days shows a high P/L, but not the trade, which is not closed. However, it appears very strange that anything which rises by 500% so abruptly will be very stable afterwards.

My deeper concern here is not so much the systems themselves (though I am interested in how they did it), but I am interested in the question whether there are some problems with P/L computation at C2.


Heavy Hitter right before being taken offline had put on a ton of ES contracts, I believe way over what should have been allowed by margin requirements.

Klaus, I mentioned in chatter a while back that Corporate Investments is no longer active, the move wasn’t an error but the result of a trade in DNDN which rocketed after a successful drug trial, but as I said then it was in no way a realistic trade or part of any ‘system’ as that system’s original purpose and objectives are now redundant.

I sometimes use dead accounts to experiment with position sizing or to discover any loopholes, discrepancies or limitations within C2’s data capture so i might then determine how someone unscrupulous enough might try to use it to their advantage, ie to portray something that just wouldn’t be possible in real world trading.