Founders of C2 and Estimize in email discussion

Hello, C2 Members:

I am participating in an email-based “conversation” with Leigh Drogen, CEO of Estimize; and Zack Miller, Editor-in-Chief of Tradestreaming. The topic is:

“Computer vs. Human Investing: Will the machines win?”

You can find it here:

If it’s interesting to you, please pass along the link to people who might like it.


An interesting discussion. There are a few mechanical (computer based) systems that outperform, just as there are a few humans that are great investors. The difficulty is identifying the winners without hindsight. Unfortunately, most humans (the investors) are subject to the usual failing of buying the highs and selling the lows. Statistical confidence grows with the number of observations (sample size.) Warren Buffett wasn’t recognized as a great investor based on his first few moves. A C2 system starting with ten great trades is not a surefire road to riches. Look at the long term record.

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