Frequency of auto-sync in case of a cap

One of my subscribers trades my system at 50% scaling, with a cap of 5 contracts. I did following transactions today:
1) C2 model account initially sold 4 contracts, he sold 2
2) Again model account sold 4, he sold 2.
3) Again model account sold 4, this time he sold only 1 because now he reached his cap of 5.
4) model account sold 4 more, he didn’t sell any.
5) Then model account bought 10 back and he bought back 5 at 50% scaling, as it should be. Last transaction happened at 3:59 pm EST. So, at 3:59 pm EST, he became flat, whereas model account was net short 6 contracts.

Then, market closed at 415 and re-opened at 430, auto-sync feature found model account and his account to have a difference of 6 contracts. So, auto-sync went ahead and sold 3 contracts in subscriber’s account at 4:33 pm EST.

A) Why did auto-sync wait till market opening after 430 to sell 3 contracts in subscriber’s account. Why it didn’t sync subscriber account with model account before? Or will auto-sync not work in presence of a cap?
B) Since last transaction was at 359 pm EST, Does it mean that auto-sync when working with a cap, kicks in after 30 minutes or so?
C) Or, does auto-sync when working with a cap, kicks in only after 415 pm EST?

Or any other reason? If you can explain how auto-sync works and at what frequency in presence of a cap, it will make the operation clear. Thanks a lot.

Hi Matthew,
Can you please clarify on this question also? Thanks a lot!
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