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Futures Trading

Hey. New strategy on this resource. The essence of the strategy is to trade based on the balance of the market and trade on the side of strong money. In the strategy, I use only the volume indicator and the price in different time ranges. I will answer all your questions in private messages.

good day,a bit about strategy:
The strategy is completely manual.I trade solely on the basis of price and volume, inputs are based on the allocation of zones (side market) in which in my opinion locked positions of traders and the market will not return there in other words, according to certain criteria such as time, volume, speed and other allocate these zones. When there is such a zone, I enter the deal (there is a little difference whether I enter the trend or against the trend, the difference in the goals and behavior of the price, the entry pattern is the same everywhere). Stop loss is always at 1-2-2. 5 % I do not like to risk. As for the exit position, for me there are several stages 1 is the accumulation of position, provocation, etc. 2 this movement to the unloading position, the unloading is the same in several cases that the outputs of the volume, update the local borders (again, it all depends on we traded with the trend or against). I am convinced that the balance of the market is constantly changing and whatever the purpose they depend on the behavior of the price at certain levels. I do not use martingale in strategy. If You have any more questions I will be happy to answer.

In September, a good profit was recorded. I will try to continue to adhere to this level of profitability

This is a good strategy and low volatility for futures. Well done Dmitriy.

Thank you for the good rating. In the future I will try only to improve the results

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Lucky to have avoided this bearish day. Buy and hold strategies should be taking a beating today.

In my opinion, the market has a chance to move up against the main trend, so at the moment I stand since yesterday in the purchase of the British pound, the transaction is transferred to the lowest risk for the Deposit. Up to what time this can continue no one knows, but it is worth remembering that the movement of the counter-trend (for me in the near future for sure) and we should be careful.

@DmitriyDonskoy, agreed I think we can get a bounce back soon but it will have to be cautiously but we never know for sure.

That was over a month, unfortunately it ended in a loss. I apologize once again to investors. The main thing is not to give vent to emotions and coolly continue to do what is necessary.

Good day! Once again, I would like to say that I am very sorry about the drawdown on the account, this is unacceptable, but this is the market and it is always necessary to take into account the risks. But the essence of this post is different.I would like to tell you what has changed as a result of this drawdown and how the strategy has changed.
1. Input pattern
Was: entry points are not specified. In other words,the exit from the traded area, in which I had an open interest and the market should not return to it, was not studied in detail. After entering into the transaction, I racked my head whether I did it correctly or not.
Now:This factor has become more detailed and has specific criteria. I don’t think about it at the moment. The strategy says open a deal, I open it without hesitation.
2. The context of the market
It was: the Application of the pattern was always isolated from the market, that is, I entered the pattern without taking into account the context of the market.
so: now there is a group of specific market patterns that in a certain context are the entry point, and in another context I miss the signal.
3. Take-profit
It was: the transaction was always fixed according to uncertain criteria
It became: I try to enter 2 contracts (it all depends on the risk, but no more than 3-3. 5 percent of the Deposit) fixing 50 when the goal is reached 1 to 1, therefore we will secure the transaction and the transaction becomes at least break-even, the next part is fixed 1 to 2
Development: Now I am working on understanding when it is possible to hold a deal more than 1 to 2 and there are specific developments, the last gas deal is an example of this, so the fixing was not 1 to 2.
4. Risk control
It is worth talking about the risks, since we reduce the profit by reducing the position, so you should do the same with the risks.
Was: the only limiting factor was a stop order without any criteria.
was Developed exit criteria, and reduce the position in the course of the transaction (Example: the last transaction on the British pound, Yes, in fact I was right and the market fell, but I think that it is better to stay with their money than are more likely to lose) the reduction of the position is the same (50%) + the closing of the transaction to carry out at breakeven (if the market allows you to do this)
Development: Nevertheless, I want to reduce the number of facts in which I reduce losses, but in the movement of the market I find myself right.
As for the last loss-making deals that should not take place:the SP-risk in the deal was $ 400, but the market opened gaps, I should have been closed at the first available quote, but there were technical problems on the resource (I wrote to support they confirmed this), the risk with the gap was about$1000. Oil - everything is doubtful here, the strategy did not prohibit buying oil in the short term, but I saw the price and chose not the best. But this is not the point globally (SP was also a short-term deal). The only conclusion I can draw from this is to work on the entry criteria in the short term, after which I do not experiment on real data on this strategy, while I work through it thoroughly.
To sum up, what I have described in this post I would like to Express my gratitude to this resource, thanks to it I have the opportunity to grow as a trader (I think not only I) and try to achieve better results. I did not write this post sooner, because I don’t like to talk about future perspectives and changes podtverjdat not the case. Currently, we can say that the strategy has come out of the drawdown with a moderate use of the Deposit and compliance with the risks, maybe this is not an indicator, but trading becomes much more confident.
Thanks for your attention! Profits to us!
I apologize for my English, I am ready to answer any questions

Good day! the month ended quite well, closed in a good plus.
But it’s worth talking about the latest deals. The deal on the Swiss franc, it is a good frustration,because the system said to buy and hold 1 to 2 and out of trades, but then you need to consider that the entire market is falling, to be honest, the only thing that zastavilo me to close the deal when the market fell in the same session, gave me a scare not a strategy, and neopredelennosti market. I would like to say that the market is still undefined.
I will try to briefly explain what I see in the market:

  1. I bought a canadian dollar for several reasons, first, all the currency out of the side of the market and really shows the growth (again, podtalkivaet that the Swiss franc was a very lucrative deal that I missed) second, for all currencies I could not find a good risk reward ratio, but in yesterday’s session I saw the early test and out of support for the canadian dollar, and this deal allowed me to enter strategy (I won’t explain the reasons why everything turned out so carefully, like I had,I will answer in PM it was for technical reasons)
  2. After very untidy actions on the canadian dollar (although in the end I’m in a small plus on it), I set a stop, after which the scenario is canceled, locally at least for me personally. The price tested the zone that the market should have broken through without any questions, but in the end it turned out to be a fairly good test, and for all currencies it turned out to be a certain extension of the timing. Now this is done by today’s session, everything is not bad enough for short positions, so I think that the market will update local lows and at least the next month the market will fall (if everything goes wrong, I will act according to the principles described above in this topic)
    In General, I think that at the moment the market will still update local lows and this is not the end of the fall. I do not like to give forecasts, because as you can see from the post, the market is constantly changing and our main task is to beat it correctly.
    Good luck and profits to all!
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