Getpositions returns quantity unknown

I have a position of 1 in YCH1. Why does getpositions return quantity "unknown?"












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Due to the query/response nature of Gen1 AutoTrading, there are times when information is likely out of date or in flux. During these periods, C2 will return an "indeterminate" quantity for position status. This prevents your software client from updating positions based on quantities that will likely prove to be invalid or shortly outdated.

An example of when this might happen: during a period when the trading system recently issued or filled an order in the C2 platform, but which has not yet been confirmed as filled by the AutoTrading client. In that scenario, we would not want you to try to synchronize positions, because it would probably cause you to synchronize using information which is out of date.

So we impose these "in-flux periods" on position status to prevent unneeded trades.