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Godzilla Is Here


Godzilla is a hyper aggressive strategy.
Invest at your own risk, no more than 10-20% of your portfolio.


i like the name change! catchy, go get them boyz!


Yes! I’m sure it’s a well-thought out strategy! What will you be trading? We all want to know!

Can’t wait! To the moon! :rocket:


it’s time to make some money.


Hells yeah Gus! Lets go Vix Lite, er, Godzilla, er, whatever it is! Nothing can stop us now! :star_struck:


Thanx dog, zebra, troll or whatever your real name is.


Glad everyone is having a great day.

Godzilla, regularly $95, is oh so happy to offer a $50 coupon for 1 month.


We believe there is PLENTY of room to run on this one.

Life is short, give it a try.


Knock Knock. Gets really quiet around here on down market days. :money_mouth_face:


@Thanos Down day? Then how did I make money again on a long?


Good for you…


How did Godzilla hold up today?


As Ice Cube once said, “It was a good day”.


With XIV out of the way and talk of SVXY to follow, what will the large ex-XIV system followers do? Not a very comfortable scenario.


Why do you keep going private and denying us the glory that is Vix Lite? Please say not another margin call.

Lets go baby! Big money time! :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:


Godzilla Drawdowns can and will exceed 35%

It’s good for Dog Turd since that would give him his first hardon in years.


How hurtful. I hope you go public again soon. How can we subscribe to a private strategy?

“I believe I can easily double or triple my return”. I guess in 33 years of trading this didn’t happen? I bet it will now! LET’S GO GODZILLA!


Why keep going to private? U had a draw down?

How can anybody here take u seriously when u go into private every 2 days. u know we can still see your draw down graph thru c2Explorer.


It should be ok ladies.


Now that Svxy has half the speed, will Vix systems charging $199 slash their prices to $99.50?



Godzilla should take a big plunge in The Sea of Japan this week and will experience a huge drawdown. I will hold through it as I feel all time highs will follow shortly there after. I suggest wait, then buy the Godzilla dip.

Rock on.