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Godzilla Is Here


No one bought the 25% dip.

I’ll give it a few more weeks, months before hanging it up but in the meantime, if anyone wants to join a system with a moderate drawdown which produces good returns, Godzilla $50.


I think that on C2 BTFD rules will not work, break out with trailing stop is better. Try to break previous maximum at 33.7k. :slight_smile:


But can’t I be that guy that says hey, my timing may be a week off but I know my shiz so when you see me down, jump in for a month then get out?

Just kidding, kind of.


Just like others have mentioned that it isn’t a value stock, it does seem like most subscribers - myself included - jump into systems when they are hot just in time for a drop. Then we jump out just in time for it to recover. Seems consistency is the key and finding a system you trust enough that you can remain consistent.


Why would you hang it up? You used to tell us how easy investing was. We rarely hear your wisdom any more these days.

We all need to subscribe to this right now. Godzilla will make us all rich!


Ma’am, you’re kind of like air pollution, or a stale fart that drifts around the room.

How’s that for wisdom?


Not sure what this means, but it sounds professional and makes me want to subscribe.


I’m sure the people would like to have a chuckle:



Yup. Stopped running in April 2014. Didn’t perform like I expected. 2 trades left open. If you’d read the description you could have figured that out, but I figured you aren’t too sharp. I didn’t go “private” like you always do, like a coward.

Additionally, I also didn’t come on here like you talking about how easy trading is and how stupid people were to put 100% of their fund in volatility products - then get hit with a bunch of margin calls doing exactly that. :rofl:



Here is why this guy’s lost it,

He wanted to be a star, but what we got was a real bad trader.


Guess you can’t read what I wrote above. :joy:
If only I was as smart as you - with “33” years of trading experience.


Thread closed. This has devolved into amateurish name-calling. Does not belong on C2.