Grandma gets a face-lift

Good news. In response to member feedback, Grandma C2 has gotten a face-lift!

(Oh, wait? Am I being offensive once again to the many, many 95±years-old members of the site? I apologize.)

The new Grandma List criteria is much more conservative, and thus the list is much shorter. Hope you like.

Just out of curiosity, who is that in the picture?


Cool, those systems seem like something Grandma would like. BTW, I was clicking on the other named filters and some appear on the left bar sometimes but not all the time. For example, when I click on Grandma, there is a link for "very tradable" but when I click "hot hands," "very tradable" is not there. But suddenly a new filter called "options" is there. And when I click "best systems," neither of those names is on the left bar. But a new one is there, "old and respected." Is this supposed to happen this way?

Yes. Too many "Best Lists" for too few slots on the left-side menu, so I make a few of them rotate randomly.

She is my grandmother. You may call her "Meema" if you like.