Grid enhancements for small traders

  1. Trades per week (last 90 days). While it can be calculated from the time the system has been around and the number of trades taken, I really don’t think that it should be necessary. I don’t think anyone really cares how many total trades have been taken. What they DO care about however is how many trades per week. This number would be more helpful to me and maybe others.

    2. Max margin used (last 90 days). I am looking for a system that uses less than X% of available margin at any one time.

    3. Max positions opened at one time (last 90 days). I had no idea how critical this one was until I tried to subscribe to a forex system that has about 8 positions opened at any one time.

    4. (not a new metric, but way of figuring.) Rolling averages on all indicators. I think it would be fair to use data from last 90 days only in all the other metrics besides “total return”. Trading styles change, and someone might be trading much better in the last 90 days, but be held up by old stats on draw down, etc.