Grid request

I’d like to be able use 2 operators like > and < and not just a single operator.

Yes, good suggestion - I second it. I also tried to do that but was unable to.

Could you provide a detailed example of what you are trying to do?

Admittedly it should be documented, but you can in fact use operators like > and < in the grid.

For example, if you wanted to see systems at least 200 days old, you could enter


in the ‘Age’ box.

But maybe I am misunderstanding what you are attempting.

-Matt Vella

Matt, I believe an example would be…

>=200 and < 300.

This would show those systems that that have an age between 200 and 300 days.

Additionally, I requested (in the past) that the field “Avg Trade Length” would be opened up so a user could enter criteria in that field. At the time, C2’s response was that it would be opened up. So far it has not. What is the status on this request?