Here are some features that if added, will make Seetu useful

I think Seetu is a really good idea but it lacks features that will make it truly powerful.

The scripting languages needs to allow decisions based on current and historical data AT THE SAME TIME. e.g. Evaluate current AUD/USD interest rates while evaluating the interest rate 3 months prior. At the same time, pull in unemployment rates now, and 2 years ago. Apply a technical indicator to the interest rates. Look at the bond yield. Pull in the S&P 500 price and dividend amount (also date). Make a buy/sell/hold decision on AAPL.

I know this is complex but markets are interlinked and complex. Without the ability to consider all data points, current and historical and without the ability to pull in historical data for any asset class as the script backtests through time, Seetu will be quite useless.

  1. Stocks - historical prices and fundamentals. The scripts need to be able to pull in historical price and fundamental data so that intelligent trade decisions can be made on current and historical data at the same time. e.g. Fundamental(instrument, date, time, "Shares outstanding) or Price(instrument, date, time, open/high/low/close). Industry groups so that stocks from the same industry can be pulled into the script (historical and current)

  2. Currency - historical data. Scripts need to be able to pull in current and historical data for currencies. Official interest rates are critical as this is a major reason why currencies move.

  3. Bonds - historical data so that bond rates can be queried at a point in time in the past for all G7, perhaps G20 countries (except Argentina LOL who manipulate their statistics and are closed to capital markets)

  4. Options - historical data also needs to be accessible. options data, current and historical, needs to be available, at least for the major indexes and stocks

  5. Futures contracts - futures data, current and historical, needs to be available, at least for the major indexes and stocks.

  6. Country macro/micro/statistics e.g. GDP - fundamental information across a broad range of indicators for each country. e.g official unemployment rates