How do I configure not to share open positions?


I’d like for potential subscribers to see my strategy’s performance, but I do not want to share my trades and open positions. The main reason for this is that my strategy is composed of a fairly small number of positions and the strategy could be reverse engineered.

I have adjusted the settings so as not to display trades for 1 week, but I see that this also causes a delay in the display of my strategy’s performance.




Just never close 100% of any of your positions. For example, if you buy 500 shares of IBM just never sell 1 last share. That way your position is never closed and it’s not displayed in “Recently Closed Trades”.

This is very good for you also, because you stated that that you do not trade very often.

But, generally, you should not be afraid that someone will reverse engineer your strategy because it’s easier to create a new one instead.