How long to get a system recognized on c2?

just wondering… got a system almost 2 months old with 0 views, and i think its doing pretty well, down 4% first month and then up 15% 2nd month - but zero views.

then I have a 2nd system that is doing fantastic, 3 weeks old, with 18% gain, again zero views…

do I need to wait until like 6 or 9 months of mostly positive months?

at what point do people notice a system on c2?

and just to clarify, I am not expecting subscribers for such young systems… that is unrealistic

just when people will at least view the system, or perhaps watch it

I viewed it, so you got at least 1 view now.

Why did I view it? Because you posted in the forum.

You might want to start there - it may jump start views, which then tend to feed off of themselves.


There are a lot of live and dead systems. And most will go unnotived unless there is something special about them. Forums are a particularly good way to get noticed (but don’t give fluff posts).

C2 also offers advertising so you can expose your systems to potential subs

And if you somehow happen into the the “best” lists, that should also help. If a system does not do well, there is no reason to expect it to get views or subs.