How long to make money from your system?

For successful system creators, how long did it take from the time your system launched to make $1000 and $5000 a month? This will help others to get a sense of their own progress.

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Good question, i was wondering the same thing too.

I got first subscriber after my system was launched for 10 days. No idea how long it will take to make 1000-5000/month. I think it is hard to get there.

Well, I’ve been here 20 months and, after C2 fees (and due to initial 6-month discount period) am not at $1,000 per month yet.

Of course that also depends on what is perceived as a “successful system”!

Take as an example the Babson system ( of last year: that one got a lot of subscribers within a month or two of launch (very vocal self-promoting vendor) so quite likely exceeded the $1,000 mark in subs fees early on. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that was a successful system though…

When I first posted my system B FX on C2 within first 2 months it attracted enough subscribers to pass $1000 per month mark significantly.[LINKSYSTEM_54141178]

Simply takes time, as with any business.

Most subscribers will wait to see how the system trades to see if the developer knows what he/she is doing. Haven’t you seen so many systems here blow up after a short period of time?

Put yourself in the subscribers shoes. Would you invest in a system 1 or 2 or 6 months old? Sure… you might get a few here and there to try you out. But realistically you shouldn’t see a good amount of subscribers until you have a solid track record with manageable draw downs.

Best of luck.