How many followers can a good trader may expect

Are there many followers here on collective. I can barely some good traders with a very few followers. it seems that having at least 100 followers even after a year will still be a dream.

100 followers ? No , much much lower .

I followed Emerging S when it was a successful system and remember the developer saying to me at one point he had nearly 60 paid followers and about the time I was following Pangolin Z it became very popular and had over 50 followers.

Stocks systems yes .

I can tell you my Stat:
(even when having suscesfull system-Crazy options)
i have most time as many as 80-100 followers but paid are 5-10% only and the rest are trail people that always try but not stay, most people don’t want to pay and its OK.

somethimes people can change ,mail and entel as new followers without paying…

its always hard work but it is fun too.

wooooow. Iwas in a system where some traders have over thousands of followers.Does collective have a percentage system? where traders can charge on percentage? people would not have t pay if they do not make profit. That way attracks more people.