International Link

Hi Matthew,

I dont see the “international” link anymore.

Hi, Kingda:

It was a valiant experiment, but customers have spoken. The “international” (non-USA site), which allowed people to subscribe to systems for zero monthly subscription fee, but pay higher autotrade fees to compensate (a model only available outside the USA) was not attractive to subscribers. We have begun phasing out that business model, and are transitioning those customers to the main USA site.

We will be re-introducing the non-USA web sites, in various languages, shortly - but these sites will share the same business model (i.e. monthly subscriptions, but lower autotrade fees) as the main USA site.

Will system developers still be able to earn rebate (1/2 pip) on trades for non-usa subscribers?

No. That economic model is going away. We will be disbursing the funds owed under the old non-USA program, but then, going forward, all developer compensation will be on the basis of subscription fees, just like on the main USA site.