Introducing - The ACE

Hello Collective2 members. I’m happy to introduce my strategy - The ACE.

I’m an experienced trader, investor and strategy developer with over 14 years of experience. I’ve combined 2 of my most profitable strategies with high risk-adjusted returns into one portfolio here on Collective2. The last few months have obviously been a very difficult and volatile market for strategy owners. However, The ACE has performed very well.

Below is the description for The ACE. I welcome everyone to check out if interested!

Strategy Description:

The ACE leverages a diverse set of successful strategies to create outsized returns with low drawdowns. No forced trades, patience and discretion is key to long-term, high risk-adjusted returns. All futures and equities traded are highly liquid and the portfolio is designed to scale up.

Futures – Rule-based strategy including strict filtering which leverages significant pivot patterns and turning points. Risk management measures are always in place and there is a constant respect towards the overall trend. Futures symbols include currency pairs, gold, crude oil, and S&P 500 futures.
Equities and ETF’s – High growth, recurring revenue equities and a select group of leveraged ETF’s are traded to utilize available cash and increase portfolio returns. All entries and exits are completely automated based on a very successful, time-tested algorithm.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. You should not act on the ideas shared until you have consulted with your financial, investment, tax, and legal adviser.

Quick update on May returns so far.

Update with May results

Update with June results. The ACE has now moved into the top 10 ranked strategies here at C2.

Looks very good! Now stay alive for the next 2 year :wink: I’ll be following the results. Take care, good trading!

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Updated with July results

Updated with August results

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Great looking chart and results! It’s like the Covid crash never happened :wink:

Updated with September results

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More and more good strategies are coming to C2. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep it going on!..

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Updated with October results

Updated with November results

About as much advertising as you should ever need with a good strategy.

“Here is my track record.

Keep up the good work. :+1:


Thanks @DogZebra_Investing. Appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Indeed, your stats tell the whole story. No big ego bluffing, that’s the beauty of trading. Talk means nothing, results do. :+1:


Thanks @RaoulSuurmeijer

If you want to see a portfolio with LONG TERM results, check out a portfolio that was around BEFORE the covid 19 meltdown.

I started my strategy on Collective2 in February which was before the the Covid meltdown took off in March. My strategy did suffer a 16.5% drawdown during that period, but that was less than half of the 35% drawdown on the SPX that happened in March. The ACE is always holding a portion in cash so by nature it should perform better vs the market during large drawdowns.

What about 17 max leverage? I think if you were caught in the middle of a meltdown with that much leverage you would be wiped out…

That was due to a futures order issue on the AUD/USD futures product while I was on my phone. The mistake was in the sizing from multiple orders because I was not seeing that the orders were being filled. I immediately realized the mistake and closed the position for a very small loss. I was still learning the platform and made a simple mistake. My strategies leverage is nowhere near that amount.

Look, it seems like you are trying to nit-pick my strategy for some reason. I’m not sure why and I won’t do the same to yours because I don’t believe that is the right thing to do. I get you are trying to promote your own strategy, but I would suggest finding another method to do that instead of trying to criticize other successful strategies.