Looking for testers for new Collective2 site

I am in the final stages of moving Collective2 over to the faster server platform. Currently I am running two versions of the software simultaneously, but I am the only user who is testing the new, faster version.

I’m looking for a few other testers to help me. To qualify, you have to have a static IP address. (If you don’t know what that is, you probably won’t be able to help me.)

If you do have a static IP address, and you want to do a good deed, then I can add your IP address to the list of addresses that gets directed to the new, faster site.

Please be aware that there will probably be a few bugs I haven’t uncovered yet, so if those kind of things freak you out, don’t volunteer. If, however, you want to do a good deed, then please send me a note with your static IP address. I will add you to the list.

Then, once I turn on your address, if you notice anything strange, or encounter any errors or bugs, please tell me and include as many details as possible: i.e. what did the error message say? what were you trying to do when it happened? etc.

If all goes well, and this test does not turn up too many horrible errors, we’ll be able to transition to the faster server within a week or so.

Thanks. - MK