Maintenance score / failsafe for abandonment

I wish C2 monitored all systems for risk of abandonment, and alerted customers if a system had been seemingly abandoned, as a failsafe. E.g. this one:

It performed well until May, then a big DD, then recovery, then at the end of May it stopped trading, the author stopped visiting C2 and responding to messages. I wish C2 had a “level of maintenance” score for each system, based on factors like:

  1. How many days since last visit to C2 compared to previous intervals
  2. How many days since last reply to a message compared to previous intervals
  3. How many days since last trade compared to previous intervals
  4. Recent big DDs

If this maintenance (or “health”) score dropped beyond a certain level, C2 would flag the system in the grid, to alert the user that the system is at risk of abandonment.

Very good idea. Much needed.