Mini Russell point values

This appears the the mini russell (Symbol ER2) point value are not set correctly. This seems that they are set as per the big contract.

For example, I have an long entry for 3 ER2 contracts at 632.50. The last price under open positions for ER2 display 628.60. Since 1 point equal $100 for ER2, the current loss should be: (632.50 - 628.60) 100 3 = 1170. However the loss displaying under open position is 5849.00 which would be correct for the big Russell contract, but is not correct for the mini contract.

Can you please look into this?


- Fanus

I will investigate this and correct it shortly. - MK

The point value for the mini-russell was incorrect. I have updated the database so that all trades going forward will be correct. Also, all trades currently open will now use the new point value (1 point = $100). Thanks for catching this.

Thanks for fixing this so quickly.

- Fanus