MK - google ads problem

I’m using firefox, if that might be important, and am finding on the ad creation screen that I cannot drag an item beyond the bottom of the page and into the required box.[LINKSYSTEM_29376872]

I don’t fully understand what you mean when you write that you can’t drag an item “beyond the bottom of the page.” Any chance you can send me a screen shot?

(Also, maybe this is obvious to you, but some text blocks are too long to fit in the ad slots. In those cases, the items are un-draggable, and they fly back into their original place at the left side of the screen.)

in all honesty, you should wait until your system shows a decent positive equity curve. Based on what Beau said, it is likely not to be a good spend of $$$

You have your box with specific items which are meant to be dragged into the ad box. However, when dragging down to the end of the viewable page, the page does not scroll down any further to reveal the ad box. It gets stuck and of course when I let go of the mouse button it will fly back to the list box.

Ross: I was looking at advertising my other system and as the fees are low and c2 is willing to help I am more than happy to see how the new feature works on a practical level. I thank you for your concern over my personal spending decisions.

Interesting. I designed the software with the assumption that both areas of the dinoww pane would be visible on one screen, without scrolling.

I presume therefore that you can’t open your browser window any wider and thus make it that the “source” and “destination” areas appear on the same screen? May I ask what your window/browser screen resolution is? This is an issue I did not anticipate at all!

Hi Matthew,

It works ok when on full screen - they appear alongside eachother. My screen resolution is 1280 x 800. However, when the page is reduced in size marginally, which is how I normally view pages, the 2 boxes appear underneath eachother and require scrolling. In other words, it isnt a problem when one knows what has happened, but could be made to work when this situation occurs.

One other problem. When choosing which system to advertise, the available systems include old dead systems, which could be confusing for some vendors out there and could be for me as my old ones have quite similar names to my live ones.

Hoping to give the feature a try out soon - looks good, key will be the reporting stats.[LINKSYSTEM_29376872]

Thanks for the info / suggestions. I added scrolling, so it should work now, even at smaller screen sizes.