MK ... Possible to uncancel a cancelation?

MK, what is the process (if any) to undo a subscription cancelation? I canceled a subscription recently because I couldn’t make the overnight trades, but now should be able to do that with autotrading and want to give it a try. I still have some time on the subscription so the system page only allows me to unsubscribe, and I can’t find a mechanism for undoing the cancelation so I don’t get an interruption.

(I emailed this question as well but the forums seem to provide a faster response).


I’m sorry for the slow reply and for the negative answer: no easy way to uncancel a cancellation - without me manually going into the database and possibly screwing it up. I see now that that would be a nice feature, so I’ll try to add it soon. In the meantime, I’m going to ask you to let your cancellation happen and then resubscribe. I’m sorry for the hassle. I probably should have anticipated this, but… didn’t.


Thanks, and no problem. I didn’t think I would bite the bullet and try TB when I canceled initially, but now that I have TB working I want to see if I can catch the overnight trades as well as trying out autotrading in general. And I suspect that undoing a cancelation probably doesn’t upset C2 or the system vendor too much (!) so it would be nice to be able to reverse a cancelation easily if the situation arises.

Is there any particular time of day that cancelation occurs on the specified date, or is this random?

I think (but am not entirely sure) it depends on the time of day you initially subscribed. But how it depends is a question I don’t know. There’s some arcane fudge factor that I don’t remember off the top of my head. MK

I realize there is no one time of day worldwide when all markets are closed, but it would be useful to have a subscription end at a time that at least is not during the heaviest trading times in the U.S. I’m sitting here with an open position from Future-pro with my subscription expiring “today” (and I plan to immediately resubscribe), and may lose my ITM and TB signals suddenly with no warning. Maybe a good time for cancelations to go into effect on a given day would be during the same time interval Globex is closed each day, to have a fixed time everyone could know?

I understand your concern and see the problem. I will (in the future) make subscriptions expire at a set time of day. At a minimum, knowing the time of day will prevent the uncertainty and worry you are describing. (And yes, we can try for the GLOBEX shutdown period at around 4:15 pm ET.) I’ll try to implement that soon.

Thanks MK. I just received an email notifying me of the cancelation at 8:08 am CA time, and quickly resubscribed. But I also noticed that my ITM window appears to have stayed alive, and the system still shows up in my Trading Permissions. I would assume these would both be affected unless a quick resubscription interrupts the normal process of shutting down a subscription (and presumably ITM access and Trading Permission settings for that system). I’ll watch closely today, but is it correct that if my ITM window Status light stays green, and the system shows up in my Trading Permissions page, that signals are being sent to TB and ITM?

If you get unsubscribed, there is a grace period when ITM and C2 AutoTrade will still function. Sounds like you are okay, and you didn’t miss anything.