MVP-3 Members only forum

Would like to see a members only forum for subscribers of trading systems - most notably mvp-3. Thanks.

– Keith

Hello Keith,

Steve Norris has a Yahoo Group for his [LINKSYSTEM_29261068] system.

At this time I would like to invite any and all interested parties to join my Yahoo Group as well.

We have not had as long a successful track record, but I think we will continue to have much to offer.


"We have not had as long a successful track record"

What about the 7 years of 50% plus returns…

Historical 10 year track record:

Current "top" C2 systems: 4+ months

New! C2 ETF systems:




"New! C2 ETF systems:


Yes, its about time to plant a new crop of systems. I think this is your 3rd or 4th cycle…