My credit card was billed for no reason

I killed my starter plan many days ago, why my credit card was billed $19 today?
If C2 automatically bill starter plan, my plan has not finished yet, it was billed on Jan 13, so still 3 days to go. And what if you want to discontinue the plan? C2 has no such function.
I feel unsafe here.

I tell you Matt is very responsive. If you think something wrong, just calm down and call the help desk. 19$ is nothing about safety.

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I thought if I kill my strategy, I would not be billed next month.( Previously when I pay old listing fee, I never had such thing as to be billed for killed strategy.)
Do your plans automatically renew and be automatically billed?
If I want to discontinue the plan, how can I do it?
I can’t find such function to discontinue.
I did send email to help desk.

Hi Wang -

You “killed” your strategy. Killing the strategy lets you start another strategy instead.

It sounds like you what you really wanted to do was to turn off recurring billing. I went ahead and did that for you and refunded the $19 you were charged.