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New Strategy, “Follow Me 2.2019” From Ant


Dear Friends!

Thank you for You attention!

Today we offered You 3 deals

MYGN Short - open price 32.30
SE Short - open price 22.60
TDC Short - open price 43.10

We don’t guess. We love maths.

Basically in our system we always use math formulas. We don’t know how the price will change in 2 hours but we strictly control our losses.

The Follow me 2.2019 strategy is 100% risk control and money management. We will show how to get income only by controlling risks

We are sure that anyone can learn how to trade and earn money!


“Follow Me 2.2019” From Ant


So basically you trade stocks and you use stop losses and targets for your trades? And I am guessing you use bigger targets than stops?

How will you maintain a high enough winning percentage to make a profit? How does the math formulas help in your trades?

Thanks and welcome!

Btw…you should use the same thread to post your info as creating a new thread everytime will clutter up the forum.


Disagree, hence his thread have been hijacked by some trolls then he is free to start a new one.


@AlgoSystems asked legitimate questions that would help the community understand this guys system better. He also offered advice for posting. Wouldn’t call that “hijacking”. It’s what the forum is for.

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