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Payoff Matrix trade from yesterday


I want to personally apologize about yesterday’s trade. It should have never happened. I am using platform transmit to send trades instead of sending them through the C2 website. I am using the Ninja Trader platform.

With platform transmit, every time you turn on Ninja Trader, you have to go in and also turn on the platform transmit. It’s an indicator in Ninja Trader. It’s easy to forget to turn off/on.

In the middle of our trade yesterday, I had to shut down Ninja Trader and restart. When it restarted, I got out of the trade. Or so I thought. I thought I got out at +$1000. The indicator to transmit trades to C2 wasn’t turned on since you have to turn it on every time Ninja Trader starts up. Then I went to lunch. I fully assumed I was flat and even check orders from Ninja to make sure I am flat and there’s no working orders. When I got back, I went on the C2 website. I noticed it showed a trade. After digging, I figured out what happened.

Listen, there is no excuse for that. It’s not only starting the Ninja platform but remembering to turn on the C2 indicator to actually transmit. I turned it on in the morning but when I had to restart the platform it just didn’t cross my mind to turn on that indicator. There was no transmit of my exit order. The platform got out but no signal was sent to C2. This is not C2s fault. Their platform transmit is working as it should. This is 100% my fault for not turning it on after the restart.

If you’re familiar with the Ninja platform, from the control panel under the New tab, the C2 indicator sits. When it’s green, it’s on. Every time you start, it’s an almost black color indicating it’s not turned on. That means it won’t transmit to C2.

Before that, we seemed to be doing OK. We were up a few thousand dollars. If there is any good news to come out of this, it’s that the loss didn’t escalate out of control. Yes it was a tough pill to swallow but it’s not an amount I can’t readily make back. Another positive is I learned an important lesson to check the C2 website every time I get in/out of a trade to cross reference and make sure no trades are still on.

There was no excuse for it. I had to restart Ninja Trader and it slipped my mind to turn on the transmit indicator. I take full responsibility for it. I will work hard to make back this loss. I feel bad about it. From my trading record, I clearly don’t mind taking losses if I get stopped out. This trade stands out.

I wanted to explain what happened and why. For now, I have changed the price of the strategy to $0. It will remain that way until minimum I am above the initial starting balance of $50,000. It’s $3,500 that I have to cover back in profits so it’s not a lot of ground to cover. Either way, the strategy will remain free for now. Anyone is welcome to join if they care to do so.

Again, my fault. It won’t happen again and thankfully it wasn’t something that got insanely out of control.


Well well well where was that stop loss order that you advised everyone else to use whenever one puts in a trade?



I had a stop loss. When I exit the trade, the stop loss automatically disappears. The platform showed flat so I assumed I made $1000 profit. Even if there was a stop loss still sitting there, the C2 transmit indicator wasn’t turned on so it wouldn’t have transmitted that either.

Again, it was a mistake on my part for not remembering to turn that indicator on. Every time you start up the platform, you have to also turn it on to transmit. The indicator itself wasn’t the issue it works fine. I had to restart the platform mid trade. When I did, I forgot to turn the transmit indicator on.

That’s why I apologized for the error. That’s also why I removed my fee until I make the loss back. I feel bad about it but it was a human error. I’m just glad nothing worse happened. I’m down $3500 from my initial starting balance. I’m pretty sure I can make that back.

I’m not here making excuses. I’m not blaming anyone. It was my fault plain and simple. That’s why I came publicly and apologized for my error. Next time I’ll check the C2 website to cross reference and make sure there aren’t any trades when there shouldn’t be.

I can make all kinds of excuses. I’m not. I’m calling myself out for being a bone head. I went to lunch thinking I was flat.

Good day


man, just imagine how many great system c2 would have if all these great traders and awesome managers don’t have “Platform” or “transmit” issues.

it crazy these “platform” or “transmit” issue always happen when a trade goes bad.


totally right, there is always an IT excuse for anything…