I would like to test the PortfolioMaker but I get always an error message in the German IE7.0. In the column 3431 “error: ‘Draggable’ is not defined. Is there a solution for this?

I am using the same browser and no problems here.

Try to empty your browser’s cache, then shut down the browser, then re-login to C2. Let me know if that helps.

Now I have cleaned my browser but it still doesn’t work. I have also a second problem with this page. If I press a button on the top, for example “add to my analyst page or “subscribe a system” I get also an error (Effect is undefined).

This is almost certainly a problem with your browser’s ability to use the prototype.js javascript library. Proptotype.js is a fairly standard javascript library used by many Web sites. Have you ever experienced problems similar to this at other sites?

Can you try to use a second browser (Firefox) and see if the problem disappears? Are you behind a corporate firewall that might block javascript or interactive web sites?

I will install IE7.0 again or firefox. I am not behind a firewall and it’s my private PC. Thank you for your assistance.