Rosenthal Collins autotrade?

Some months ago i was told that probably i could have traded with rosenthal collins ( and autotrade.

Any news? I’m still waiting…


I autotrade in my RCG account using their patsystems interface, which is accessed by TradeBullet (autotrade Gen 1).

My introducing broker is Global Futures, so I’m not with RCG directly, but dont see why that would matter. You should be able to autotrade just as I am (with Tradebullet). In fact, Tradebullet lists RCG as a broker that their product does in fact work with ( check out


Thx walter, i’m using ninjatrader as platform. Will i be able to use it together with tradebullet or will i completely lose control of my account?

I don’t think i can login with 2 softwares…

Thx :wink:

No, tradebullet will run by itself on your PC and accept orders sent from a C2 system and route them to RCG.

I dont know if you can run 2 platforms (Ninja and Tradebullet) accessing the same RCG account simultaneously, that would be a question for RCG. In my RCG accounts I have had to select one exclusive platform per account. If you need to autotrade C2 systems as a subscriber, though, you cant use Ninja for that, you will NEED TB to receive orders FROM a C2 system. I have assumed here that when you say autotrade you are referring to subscribing to a C2 system and receiving signals (as opposed to SENDING signals as a vendor, which you could do via Ninja).